Nocturnal Damnation- Sado Goat Ritual Desecration 2010/2017 CD



1. Gasmask Warmageddon
2. Anneliese Death Ritual
3. Dominion Of Antichrist
4. Workship The Baphomet
5. Extermination of the Golgotha
6.Iron Baphomet`s Demoniac Reign
7.Apocalytic Nuclear War
8. The Almighty Sathanas
9. Satanic War Metal
10. Sabbat of Carna Depravity (Demo 2017)
11. Gasmask Warmageddon (Version)
12. Tyrannus Diabolus (New Track)






Malsaint - Anti Islamist Proselytism CD



1.Mystic Blood
2.Waffen Des Hasses
3.Scientia Occultans
4.Anti Islamist Proselytism
5.Ahaswerus Bastards
7.Krematorium Solution






Agony- Dissent CD



3.To the Unforgiven
4.Philosophy of  ascension
5. From the veins of  the cold  suit  to the whip 
6. Eternity





WIHINEI RITA ( Spain) Hijos del mismo Sol / SOLEIL NOIR ( France) Fils d'un même Soleil Split CD



1. Einklang
2. Das Erwachen des Sonnenvolkes
3. Goldenes Zeitalter
4. Ancient Lines
5. Als die Linken "In" noch waren
6. Wohnungsnot und Steuergelder (Stahlgewitter cover)
7. Ausklang





Ruhmreich- Goldenes Zeitalter CD



1. Einklang
2. Das Erwachen des Sonnenvolkes
3. Goldenes Zeitalter
4. Ancient Lines
5. Als die Linken "In" noch waren
6. Wohnungsnot und Steuergelder (Stahlgewitter cover)
7. Ausklang







Stutthof- An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess



From  An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess  7 '' vinyl  release  2003
1. An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess
2. And Cosmos from Ashes to Dust
From Into the White Waters of Hellas   Split CD   Gauntlet's Sword / Stutthof  release 2001
3. Stutthof - Wenn die SA und die SS
4. Stutthof - Regeneration
5. Stutthof - Aherontas 
6. Stutthof - Pagan Rituals
7. Stutthof - Through the Dark Age We Are Dreaming 
8. Stutthof - Pa Vikingtog








Berzabum- The Compilation to the Infernorum CD CD



Bonus track 

1. Methushalac

Demo Methushalac (original record  1997  )

2. Intro  
3. Satanic Majestic 
4. Diabolos

Demo call to the rites  ( original record 1995)

5. The Swear
6. The Lord  
7. The Return to the Infernorium
8. Evil Fate
9. Demon of Evil
10. Anointment




Releases TAPES / K7



1. Intro
2. An Red Sunrise
3. Beyond the Black Southern Sky
4. Hammer Smashed the Christianity
5. S.U.L (Storm Under the Light)   
6. Outro  
7. The God's Blow 
8. To Hail Our History  
9. The Old Legends of the Battles  
10. Awakening of the Pagan Pride 
11. Erotic Vision by the Funeral Fog
12. Candle Light Spell  
13. Revenge, Blood and Honour 
14. S.U.L (Storm Under the Light) 



1. The Essence Beyond The Forms
2. Dream Of The Other Site 
3. The Dance Of Melancholy { Part 1 }
4. The Lament 
5. An Old History About Myself 




1. Galdra (Intro) 
2. Dawn of Death 
3. Into the North
4. Blood of Glory
5. Words of a Man 
6. Galdra (Outro) 




1. Ultra Negativity Dimension (instrumental)
2. Mass Submission
3. Paradigma Christianae Fidei
4. Words of Blasphemy
5. Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis
6. The End of All Things... (instrumental)





Anal Blasphemy - Ejaculation of Black Impurity CD



11. Crucifix Anal Rape of the Priest
2. Hail the Serpent of Eden
3. Warrior of Satan
4. Ejaculation of Black Impurity
5. Masturbation of Jehovah's Altar
6. Raped by a Goatdemon
7. Allah Anal Impalement
8. Fuck Buddha (Bonus track)






Goatpenis- Biochemterrorism CD



1. Once Blood Was Spilt
2. Fatal Equinox (Perpetual Resplendence)
3. The Pugnacious Force That Devours All Reason
4. Perfect Prototype of an Apocalypse
5. Death Emperor Rules Supreme
6. Frantic Fury (1.225° C.) (Abortion of the Macrocosm)
7. The Future of Mankind Is Nuclear Breath
8. Last Burial of the Human Race
9. Intraspecific Killing
10. Infinite Paths to the Land of Suicide  
11. Chaos Dominium





Goatpenis-Depleted Ammunition CD



1. FROG-7 Missiles
2. MGM-5 Corporal
3. M110 Howitzer
4. M107 175MM SP
5. MGM-29 Sergeant
6. W70 Nuclear Warhead  
7. Potentially Weaponizable CLGG
8. Railgun - E.E.G.
9. Mass Driver (Electromagnetic Catapult)
10. MK-71 8
11. Combustion Light Gas Gun (CLGG)  






Hiraeth - Ethnocentrism CD



1. End of modernity
2. Hiraeth
3.Foreboding winter
4. Eternal War
5. The Glass Late
6. Eventide
7.To reclaim the fallen
8.Mourning soul ( Absurd cover)
9.Wings of ascension
10.Land of Ancestral Horizons
11.Arial Aura of Infiniity
12. Where memories go to die






Ruhmreich - Hymnen des Vaterlandes CD



1. Einklang
2. Das Eiserne Kreuz
3- Eichenlaub
4- Hotel de  B.
5- Das Ruhmreich
6- Sturm auf die  Bastille
7- Hymnen des  vaterlandes 
8- Ausklang






Doomsday Cult - Destruction  Algorithm  CD 



01  -Self  destruction 
02- On the  burnt  Ground 
03- with  weapons  in Hands
04- On the brink  of  war
05- In the land of  ruins
06-  Fire
07- Destruction  Algorithm 
08- Trenches
09-Enemy  image
10- Terror






Entsetzlich / Initiation-Hymns of Death Triumphant Split CD



Entsetzlich  side
Entsetzlich - Into Oblivion... (instrumental)
Entsetzlich - Lost Graves of the Forest  
Entsetzlich - Forbidden Spirits 
Entsetzlich - Desolation (Winds of Nihilism cover) 
Initiation side 
Initiation - In Praise of the Malevolent Conception (instrumental)
Initiation - Immaculate Black Adoration
Initiation - Channeling the Shades of the Undead
Initiation - Magical Shadows of a Tragic Past (Mutiilation cover)  





Kurgaall - Fidem in Lucifer CD



1. Missa Satanica (Intro)
2. Ave Lucifer
3. Templar God
4. Invocation of the Black Soul
5. Satanic Devotion (Ode to the Fallen Ve Am)
6. Beelzebub
7. Fall of the Temple
8. Satan Speaks Through Me
9. Missa Lucifera
10. Missa Solennis (Outro) 






Der Stürmer/ Capricornus -Polish-Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G.! CD



1. Capricornus - Sun Wheel on the Helmet of Steel
2. Capricornus - War and Courage
3. Capricornus - When the Hell Is Full
4. Capricornus - Fenrir Unleashed (instrumental)
5. Der Stürmer - Sons of Thunder
6. Der Stürmer - Revenge Burns Eternal
7. Der Stürmer - ...bis in den Tod!
8. Der Stürmer - The Nailbomber
9. Der Stürmer - H.H.! (Schwarze Sonne cover)



Original recording and new agressive artwork with a special edition limited in 88 Strong Metalbox + Poster + Official T-shirt .





Honor - 27 Under the sign of the eagle Double CD







Moloth / Nezeghol - Wotanjugend Split CD Digipack version





1.М8Л8ТХ - Эхо грядущей войны
2.М8Л8ТХ - Ран и крови пламя
3.М8Л8ТХ - Молот белого волка
4.М8Л8ТХ - Стражник леса
5.Нежеголь - Хель
6.Нежеголь - Солнца лучи
7.Нежеголь - Маршем грома в парад осенних ночей
8.Нежеголь - Скрежетом стали мечи запоют!
9.М8Л8ТХ & Нежеголь - Мы с тобой, брат! (Сокира Перуна cover)







Doomsday Cult ( RUS) "destruction algorithm"CD ( PWD CD 051)

Pagan War Rex signed with Russian band Doomsday Cult to be release new full lenght album scheudeled July 2016. Another killer band from Eastern Europe in our ranks.

listen promo in high quality new song :




Goatpenis vs Kurgaall -Satanic Terror  Weapons




Goatpenis side
1- Carnivorous ability
2-Allucinatory sirens

Kurgal side
2-Heretic Weapons


* Strong  metal box  version, Poster  A3  and  Official  T-shirt.

Split  CD  with master  brazillian war  metal  and  Italian  Satanic  Black metal.





Koenigsgrab -Koenigsgrab CD




1- Triumphy of treanchery
2-Today  is not just worse
3- The  darth salt  of  the sun 
4- Abyss  pieces  Torn
5-The  thunder heralds


* Strong  metal box  version + Poster  A3.






Goatpenis - Apocalypse War CD 2016



1-  Intro  -Ride  of  the apocaçypse
2- Master  Blaster
3- Fonal Attomic Battle
4- Captain Benjamin Willard
5-Colonel   Bill Kilgore
6-Colonel Lucas
7- Colonel  Walter  E.Kurtz
8-General  R.Corman
9- The  Hollow  Man
10 - This is the  way  the world  Ends  ( T.S. Eliot)



Brand  new  album    2016.

*Strong metalbox version CD + Poster A3 Limited 100.*






Holocaust - Obscurum Satanic Rite CD




1- Intro ( Hyms of  Night)
2-Crusade  of  Torment
3- Occultus Rituale
4- Pagan Storms
5-Decimation Spells
6-King of Cosmos
7- Beyon Death's Gate
8- My soul  for  the glory  of satan
9- For the  God's, this  Ritual  of  Mine
10 - Obscurum Satanic  Rites



New album from USA Holocaust black metal band 






Goatpenis - Alliance for War + Bonus CD/DVD Double Jewelcase



1. Intro 02:15  
2. Roman Revenge 02:12  
3. Byochemical Annihilation 02:48  
4. Machine Voidness 01:58  
5. Jesus Coward 03:11  
6. I.C.B.M. 05:15  
7. Lethal Binary Chemical Munitions 01:31  
8. Eht Tsrow Sdrow 03:59  
9. Homo Homini Lupus 02:25  
10. Psycopatic Anal Terror 03:45  
11. Frantic Fury 03:19  
12. Soldier of Blasphemy 03:16  
13. High Temperature Fires 03:13  
14. Celebrating the Revenge of All the Times 06:01  
15. Death Emperor Rules Supreme 02:34  
16. Definitively the Last Burial 03:02  
17. Zyklon B 05:14  
18. Homo Homini Lupus (Video Clip) 03:40

Pulverize the Human Race  ( Demo- 2007)

1. Jesus Coward 03:11  
2. Psychopatic Anal Terror 04:05  
3. Eht Tsrow Sdrow 03:57     11:13  

1. Celebrating the Revenge of All the Times  (single- 2005)


including CD :

.Alliance for war (Live)
.Celebrating the Revenge of All the Times (Single 2005)
.Pulverize the Human Race Demo (2007)

including DVD :

.Alliance for war (Live Show )

*Strong metalbox version CD/DVD Double + Poster A3 Limited 100.*







Seges Findere-Wolflike Blitzkrieg CD PWD CD 037


1. Krieg Macht Frei 04:03  
2. Proclamation of Blood Vengeance 03:49  
3. Nokturnal Wehrmacht Horde 04:22  
4. The Southern Warbeast 02:11  
5. When the Black Sun Rises 01:17  
6. Hailing the Grenadiers 03:23  
7. Lonewolf Terrorist 04:18  
8. Holohoax, the Fancy of Morons 03:41  
9. Proud Arsonist 02:16  
10. Satanic Blood 02:11  
11. As Wolves We Kill 04:04  
12. Mortiferous Bonesaw 03:42

Collection  war  songs  from  panzer brazillian warkult Black metal.
Available  strong  metalbox limited in 60 .

* Co release with Battlefront Distro





Seges Findere- Massacre Supremacista  CD PWD CD 036


1. Intro 02:07  instrumental
2. Superior Kult ov Totenkopf 03:46  
3. Infuriated 04:26  
4. Spread Hate Crime 02:36  
5. Burn Judea Porks 01:47  
6. Pogromistic Prophecy 02:31  
7. Intolerant Black Metal Warskins 01:29  
8. Worship the Absolute Terror 02:36  
9. Purified by Warlokaust 01:33  
10. The Conqueror Speech 02:41  
11. Invokation ov Bubonic Slaughterisation 01:20  
12. Iron Resistance 03:39  
13. Apokalyptic Wolves ov Waffen 03:17  
14. Atomize the Breath ov Subhumankind 01:05  
15. Outro 01:04  instrumental

Reissue  with new layout  and  available  die  hard version limited  in 60.  strong metalbox version CD +  T-shirt.

* Co release with Battlefront Distro





Wald - Рог войны PWD CD 040


1. ... 04:28  instrumental
2. Рождение героя 04:45  
3. Воля к победе 05:36  
4. Рог войны 06:52  
5. Путь эйнхерия 04:01  
6. Шторм чистой крови 03:59  
7. Судилище 06:32  
8. Конец и вновь начало 05:47  
9. ... 06:30  instrumental

The New voice of strong Russian radical Black Metal.
Riffs built with precision, pulsating drums and energetic vocals that cry out for pride, nationalism, while emotion.
Extreme Black Metal well executed in extreme mastery, atmosphere in vein of cult Walknut from Russia 

*Available  die  hard version limited  in 60.  strong metalbox version CD +  T-shirt.

* Co release with Battlefront Distro 





Cultus Funeris  -Revertere Ad Locum Tuum CD (PWD CD  038)


1. Cultus preludium
2.Vile feeling
3.The eye of traitor
4.Spirit of Blood
5.Hellish ode
6.Cross of souls
7.Luciferian March
8.Pure Hate
9.Desire of Suffering
10 .Shadows Victory 

Brazilian Atmospheric Nekromantikal Black Metal!!!

* Co- release  with  Deathcamp  Records.




Goatpenis - Apocalypse  War (EP) + Bonus  PWD CD 039


Intro- Ryde ov The Apocalypse
1-Captain willard
2-Colonel bill killgore
3-Master Blaster
4-Reads the hollow
5-Black rain live milan 2014
6-Carnivorous ability live milan 2014
7-Effects of radiation on humans live milan 2014 
8-Final atomic battle live milan 2014
9-Hollow man live milan 2014
10-Soldier of blasphemy live milan 2014
11- victims Rehearsal  2015
12- War metal march Rehearsal  2015

The  return  of master  Brazilian  war  metal.
Available  limited  strong metal box  Limited  50 pieces.




Velimor- Legacy CD  ( PWD CD 033 )


1. The Grief of Sorrows
2. Wolfish to the Wolf, Sheepish to the Sheep
3. Storming Retribution
4. In the Ruin of the Golden Dream
5. By Darkness of Velimor
6. The Call
7. A Ray of the Sunrise
8. The Black Forest Breath


After these years the flame still burns through pagan war distro rex with a new artwork and original soundtrack.
Available to the old and current generation in pagan/ black metal scene in CD jewelcase format, MetalBox and official t-shirt.




Drunemeton - Fullmoon Asbath CD ( PWD CD 030)


1.Three years of  winter
2.When naglfar sals
3.Fenris ( Enslaved cover)
4. Far  Tower  Beacon
5. Fullmoon Asbath 
6.Wolf & Serpent
7.Barbarism  Returns ( Graveland cover)


First full lenght  of  Epic  pagan /Black metal   from Russia.



Nezhegol - Маршем грома в парад осенних ночей CD (PWD CD 032)


1. Из огня да в полымя
2. Мистерия сна
3. Маршем грома в парад осенних ночей
4. Над Нежеголью
5. Край мой берёзовый
6. Сырое дыхание туманов
7. Строки..
8. Первая гроза


Reissue with new amazing artwork from this legendary pagan metal russian project .

Aleksandr is a member from radikal black metal band Moloth.
Available  in special  metalbox  Limited  strong  60 .





Próximos armamentos/Next weapons:


Warforged (BRA)/ Dodsferd(GRE) - Anthems of Desecration and Demise (Pagan War Rex)
Furor Volturno (BRA)-Regionalismo Coercitivo CD ( Pagan War Rex)
Blutkult (GER)-Worldwide Offensive CD( Pagan War Rex)
Aesir( ARG) / K´Taagar (BRA)-Southern The flame still burns CD ( Pagan War Rex)
Mother Thule ( CAN) - Dark Side of the Sun CD( Pagan War Rex)
Berzabum ( BRA) - TBA CD ( Pagan War Rex)


Novos lançamentos prontos / New releases Ready! 


Vesano (BRA) - Desassossego CD ( Pagan war Rex)
Dodsferd(GRE) - Still desecrating the spirit of life CD ( Pagan war Rex)
Hyperborean(BRA() - Rising from the dark past CD ( Pagan war Rex)
Kamaedztica (RUS) – 13 years of honour CD ( Pagan war Rex)
Thy rites (BRA) - Thy Infernal Coronation CD( Demonarchy Prod.)


Pagan War Rex North America 


Pagan war distro rex announces the opening of its first office on another continent, pagan war distro rex North America. If you are from North America( USA,Canada, Mexico and others countries) can buy our releases CDS, make contacts for future contracts or business through this e-mail:  contact:

Some official merchandises( T-shirts) version will be distributed / produced by pagan war rex North American also. We are constantly progress in this moment, black metal is our life! Black metal is more than music, stay strong.

Heathen Regards

Pagan War Rex América do Norte.

Pagan war distro rex anuncia a abertura de seu primeiro escritório em outro continente, pagan war distro rex North America. Se você é da América do norte( USA,Canada,Mexico e outros países) pode adquirir nossos lançamentos em CDS , fazer contatos para futuros contratos ou negócios através desse e-mail: contatos : 

Algumas versões de merchandises( T-shirts) serão distribuídos/produzidos pela pagan war rex north american também.Estamos em progresso constante nesse momento, black metal é nossa vida ! Black metal muito mais do que musica música, mantenham-se forte.


Blutkult official  merch!!!


Next strike in official merchandise is Powerful Radikal black metal from Germany Blutkult. Limited in 40 pieces new artwork will be created by own Junker Voland ( vocals/Guitar). Out in July /2014 - PWD MERCH 082  Pre order very soon !!


New signing!


Nova assinatura!!

Pagan war vai lançar Dark Side of the Sun do mother Thule ( Canada) lançada em 2009 em tape. A versão em CD vai conter bonus tracks, o lançamento esta programado para maio 2014.

New signing!

Pagan war will release Dark Side of the Sun's from mother Thule( Canada) released in 2009 on tape. The CD version will contain bonus tracks, the release is scheduled for May 2014.



Próximo ataque em merchandise  camiseta  (PWD MERCH 072)
Radikal Polish Black metal !!Limitado em  40 peças.
Uma exclusiva arte para esta camsieta esta sendo  criado.
Pre venda em breve

Next strike in Merchandise T-shirt. ( PWD MERCH 072)
Radikal Polish Black metal !! Limited in 40 pieces.
A exclusive artwork to this shirt will be created!!
Pre order soon!!


Nokturne "Terror Resurgence"


Pagan war Rex vai relançar o album do Nokturne( USA) "Terror Resurgence" remasterizado + bonus no segundo semestre de 2014.
Um novo layout sera preparado para esse matador lançamento!

Pagan war Rex will reissue the album from Nokturne (USA) "Terror Resurgence" remastered + bonus in the second half of 2014.
A new layout will be ready for this killer release !


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