Record labels :

World Terror Committee( GER)
Christhunt Productions( GER)
Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur ( GER)
Obscure Abhorence( GER)
Black shirt Records ( ITA)
Me ne frego records ( ITA)
Las way records (ITA)
Immortal Frost ( BEL)
Midgard ( SWE) 
Invictus Production( IRL)
Seance Records ( AUS)
Deathcult records( MEX)
Moribund Records ( USA)
Wolftyr ( USA)
Self Sacrifice Distro ( USA)
Old cemetery records ( USA)
Pagan war distro North AMerica ( USA)
Paragon Records (USA)
Eternal Death ( USA)
Stellar winter Rex( RUS)
Volh (RUS)
Lost Reich Record ( RUS)
Barbatos Productions ( RUS)
Lost Round Rcords( RUS)
Music Hall ( UKR)
Vacula productions ( UKR)
Dark Hidden ( ARG)
Totenkopf Propaganda( GRE)
Evil Rising ( GRE)
Sadolust Records( HOL)
Crush the desert (FRA)
Witches Sabbah Records (POL)
Warheat Records ( POL)
Hammerbolt Prodcutions( POL)
Weewwolf Promotion ( POL)
Lower Silesian Stronghold ( POL)
Black Death Productions ( POL)
Radical Voice (POL)
Murderous Producotions ( CZE )
misanthropic art productions ( KOR)
Hidden Marly ( JAP)
Deathrash Armageddon (JAP)
Zero Dimensional Records( JAP)
Pazuzu Records ( BRA)
Mutilation Productions( BRA)
Soul Erazer Records (BRA)
Hammer of damnation( BRA)
Deathcamp records ( BRA)
Black metal  cult records (USA)




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